Social Media & Dating Portraits

Pictures for social media and dating sites are a uniquely modern form of portraiture. They look casual, fun and carefree, but technically and artistically they are polished and professional. They feature distinctive lighting, striking backgrounds and sophisticated poses, and include close-up, waist-up and full-length shots. Overall, they're a lot like what you'd see in a lifestyle magazine or website. 

Social media/dating portrait shoots are faster and more spontaneous than traditional posed portraits, but involve more artistry and care than photojournalistic-style coverage. As such, a basic one-hour session typically covers about 6 backgrounds in the same venue or site, and produces about four strikingly edited images per background, for a total of 24 downloadable pictures per hour. A 90-minute, 36-image shoot makes it possible to add a change of outfit and/or a second person, while a 2-hour, 48-image shoot can include 3 outfits and/or 3 or more people. 

Social media sessions can also fill different but related photographic needs. For example, they can provide quick, casual images for modeling and acting portfolios. They can also serve as non-studio senior portrait sessions, offering attractive digital images without additional product purchase requirements.

Helpful hint: as with family portraits, we recommend booking your social media portrait session in the morning or in the late afternoon or evening. Mid-day sun is harsh, while light is softer earlier or later in the day, making for more flattering portraits.

Click here to book a 60-minute social media shoot for 1 person for $99 

Click here to book a 90-minute social media shoot for 2 outfits and/or 2 people for $149

Click here to book a 2-hour social media shoot with 3 outfits and/or 3 or more people for $199