Overhead shot of jazz band playing in art gallery.
Picture with gray background of attractive professional-looking woman with blonde-streaked hair and black eyeglasses.
Long-haired woman in a long-sleeve blouse standing with her elbow on a metal sculpture in an art gallery.
Close-up picture of autism celebrity Temple Grandin speaking on stage.
Picture of autistic celebrity Temple Grandin speaking on stage in front of a packed auditorium.
Asian woman in black top and red skirt posing in front of a lake at sunset.
Attractive Hispanic woman dancing.
Two couples in costume posing against a wall.
Older man with ponytail peering at a painting on a wall.

What We Do

Photos by Poe focuses mainly on portrait and event photography, but we work in a lot of other areas as well, including food, sports, corporate branding and dance images. We also are a mobile, on-location photography service, using online platforms to make every part of the process as convenient as possible.