Welcome to Photos by Poe

I began my photography career directly after university, when I began working as a newspaper photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. In that job, I covered everything from PTA meetings to parades to sports to local political meetings to presidential campaign events.

A career sidetrack, which included 11 years working in Japan and five years in Hong Kong, took me into technology journalism, a fascinating field in which I covered some of the largest tech companies and leading industries in the world.

Now I feel fortunate to be returning to my original passion of photography, building a business taking pictures of people and events, combining studio-style posed pictures with photojournalistic-style candid images, and capturing spontaneous moments with an emphasis on creative, artistic and unconventional techniques.

-- Robert Poe, chief photographer

You can also book my services through photo booking agency Snappr, at Snappr's Best Local Photographers page.