How we work

As a mobile, on-location photography service, we do a lot of stuff online. Specifically, after we take your pictures, we post-process them with professional photo-editing software and then put them in an online gallery. And that gives you all kinds of options.

If they are event photos, you can give your guests access to the gallery, with or without password protection. From there, you can let them download the pictures free or for a fee, buy prints and other products through our online storefront, or just view the beautifully presented images as a way to publicize the event and boost your image.

They can also share the pictures with friends via email, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, and create favorites lists to revisit, or to share with friends or the photographer. We can also set up a private section of the gallery that is only accessible to you, or we can give you a separate password that lets you designate any pictures in the main gallery as private and not visible to guests.

If the pictures are portraits (or many other types of photos of we do, such as product, sports or art photography), we will typically put a preliminary selection of lightly processed images in a password-protected gallery. This lets you choose your favorite final picture(s) for purchase and/or full editing. You will be able to share individual images with friends and create favorites lists for discussion with friends or the photographer, without giving friends the gallery password. When you have made your selections and the final edits are completed, you will be able to download the low- or high-resolution files, or order professional-grade prints or other products, through our online storefront.

Online galleries have other uses as well. If you're a model, actor or artist, we can for a fee host a selection of your portfolio pictures in an attractive gallery that you can show to agencies, casting directors or art establishments. All you have to do is send them the link and password, instead of mailing a physical printed portfolio. We can also insert a text box with a brief description of you and your career.


$110 per hour

The basic hourly fee includes the posting in the online gallery of a minimum of 30 lightly processed images per shooting hour
(there's a two-hour minimum)


$119 and up

The basic package starts with 2 fully edited images chosen from a selection of 6 proofs that are posted in the online gallery

Other Services

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Corporate product/image pictures, sports events, art images and more


What is your photographic approach?

With our roots in news photography and film cameras, we unsurprisingly approach our event coverage with a photojournalistic style. That means we use available light as much as possible, and flash equipment as necessary.

For portraits, we have portable equipment including strobes, softboxes and backdrops that lets us create studio-style pictures at any location.

That said, we don't limit ourselves to a single approach. When an event calls for it, we might use techniques such as slow shutter speeds, motion blur and minimal, directional light to produce artistic, atmospheric images when scarce available light might otherwise necessitate strobes.

And to produce dramatic outdoor portraits, we often combine available light with supplemental strobes to give us the best of both worlds.

Where are you based and do you travel?

We split our time and attention between the beautiful Inland Northwest and Northern California, particularly Silicon Valley. Let us know when and where you want a photo shoot and we'll work to make it fit our schedule if at all possible.

When will we get our photos?

Your will receive an online gallery link with your photos in anywhere from five days to several weeks, mainly depending on how many pictures are involved. You can download all the photos from the gallery, and also share them, choose your favorites, and order professional-grade prints!

How many pictures will we receive?

Here too, the numbers vary widely. A basic portrait session provides two edited photos selected from an online proofing gallery of six unedited images. A multi-hour event might produce up to 400 images in the online gallery for viewing, sharing and downloading and/or purchasing.

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