Operating an eatery has never been easy, but it's a lot harder when capacity is limited due to pandemic rules. One popular solution is offering dishes and drinks for take out or delivery. But that comes with its own set of challenges. Chief among these is letting customers know just how delicious your menu items actually are. That's where food photography by Photos by Poe can help.

Our pictures turn your dishes into the stars of your show. Studio-style lighting, magazine-style composition, dramatic camera angles and customized post-processing combine to create images that looks spectacular on websites, printed materials and even magazine spreads.

During a 90-minute session we will take pictures of at least 10 dishes or drinks, as well as several shots of the interior, exterior and staff of your establishment. It will take us about 25 minutes to set up our equipment, so you'll have time to prepare your dishes. As a bonus, we also throw in shots of the interior and exterior of your business, as well as of your team members. After the shoot, we'll post the high-resolution digital images in an online gallery for you to download. You can see some examples of our food shots in this gallery.

During the pandemic, we're dropping the price for this shoot from $99 to $69. To book a shoot, click the button below.