Friends, Family & Personal Portraits

Sometimes you need a picture that's a little more polished and permanent. A family portrait that you can print large and hang on a wall, for example. Such portraits typically involve more painstaking posing, composition and lighting than do higher-volume dynamic photos. They also deserve customized hand editing to make sure they stand the test of time. We call these hand-crafted images. 

 Friends, family and personal portraits are typically taken in an attractive outdoor or indoor setting, using a combination of natural and supplemental lighting to produce striking, publication-quality images. During a session of up to one hour, booked through our online system, we take a variety of shots. Afterwards, we post a selection of the best in a preview gallery. After you choose the one you like most, we edit it by hand and post it for you to download. Edited versions of additional preview shots are available for an additional editing fee. 

For a limited time, the price of a session of up to one hour, which includes one high-resolution image hand-edited from a selection of preview shots, is $69. Additional images selected and hand-edited from the same preview shots can be purchased for $20 each. 

Helpful hint: as with social media photos, we recommend booking your portrait session in the morning or in the late afternoon or evening. Mid-day sun is harsh, while light is softer earlier or later in the day, making for more flattering portraits.

Click here to book a one-hour family, friends or personal portrait session.