Art & Product Photography

Whether you're selling your art or a commercial product, you want photos that show it at its best. We make that as convenient as possible, by bringing a portable studio to your workspace or place of business. Our studio-style flash setups and seamless backgrounds let us produce clean, elegant images. These are ideal for use in printed or online catalogs, or on Instagram or your website. The images we create using real-life settings and backgrounds are just as striking.

Our online booking system lets you schedule the number of hours of photography you need at the time you need them. The hourly fee covers the shoot itself. We can typically photograph 3 items per hour. 

After the shoot, we post at least 3 lightly edited images of each item in an online preview gallery. Once you've selected the images you want, we hand edit your selections and post them in a gallery for download for a per-image editing fee. 

Art & product shoots typically require us to bring a significant amount of equipment, and the shoot time only starts after we have set up.

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