Portraits Made Simple

To simplify life in this complicated time, we're introducing a streamlined and economical process to get you the portraits you've been looking for, whether for personal or business use.

The vast majority of our portraits are environmental shots in settings that complement your personality. For a family or individual, the best location will often be a place that means something to you – your favorite park or urban spot, or even your back yard. If you're a business person, it may be your work place. We can also suggest appropriate sites. If you're looking for a more formal portrait with a solid-color background, we can bring a portable backdrop and studio-style lighting to wherever is convenient for you. During the pandemic, we are not doing in-studio portraits. And we're following recommended masking and social distancing guidelines. 

We offer sessions that feature one or multiple "looks." Each change of location and/or outfit represents an additional look. During your session, we'll take multiple shots with each look. After the session, we'll post a selection of the best images in an online preview gallery. After you choose your favorite(s), we'll hand-edit each selection and post the final image for you to download in the form of a high-resolution digital file. Editing will include retouching for blemishes, flyaway hairs etc. This final digital image will be suitable for printing and framing, or posting on a website or in social media.

Your investment for your portraits depends on how many looks you want. One look is $69, two looks are $99 and three looks are $129. One hand-edited image per look is included, with additional hand-edited images from the same shoot another $20 each