Location portraits are iconic photographs that employ the techniques of studio portraits, but in a setting that tells the story of who you are. To that end, we bring portable lighting equipment to your workplace, home, or other meaningful location to take a meticulously lit and composed picture.

The resulting image will be suitable for framing, posting on your website or Facebook page, publishing in brochures, sending to publications, or printing and sending to friends, relatives or business contacts. Not to mention uploading to your favorite photo finisher to turn into a holiday greeting card.

We use the same method whether the photographs are of individuals or groups, or for business or personal use. Setup typically takes 45 minutes to an hour before the start of the shoot itself. After the shoot, we post a selection of the best shots in an online proofing gallery. Once you've chosen the one(s) you want, we do a full edit/retouch, and email you the final portrait(s) as high-resolution digital image(s).

We have three types of sessions. A 45-minute shoot providing 1 fully edited image chosen from an online gallery of 6 proofs is $149. Click here to book a 45-minute, 1-image session.

A 60-minute shoot providing 2 fully edited images chosen from an online gallery of 12 proofs is $199. Click here to book a 60-minute, 2-image session.

And a 90-minute shoot providing 3 fully edited images chosen from an online gallery of 18 proofs is $249. Click here to book a 90-minute, 3-image session.

Additional fully edited images from the proofing images in any session are $50 each.

A deposit of 50% of the session fee is required at booking. After you have made your selection(s) from the proofing gallery, we will send you an invoice for the payment of the balance of the session fee, plus the cost of any additional images you have requested. After fully editing your choices, we will email the high-resolution file(s) of the selected images.

You will also be able to purchase professional-quality photo-paper and mounted prints in the online gallery.